Follow this guide to upgrade OnlyKey firmware and desktop app

We are pleased to announce that the latest and greatest OnlyKey software is now available! This release includes a new, easier to use desktop app for Windows/Mac/Linux to be used in conjunction with the latest OnlyKey firmware.

Why Upgrade?

This release has a lot of improvements and new features. Here is the list of new features in this release:

  • Support for Yubikey OTP with public key shorter than 16 bytes.
  • Default for OnlyKey DUO challenge-mode is now set to press only, no challenge code required.
  • Fixes for FIDO2 resident key backup/restore.
  • Fix for PD Mode where if sysadmin mode is enabled device is unusable in PD Mode.

Backup Before Upgrading

Backup OnlyKey - It is always a good idea to create a backup prior to upgrading. Do this by going to the Backup/Restore tab in the OnlyKey app. Ensure you have a copy of your backup key/passphrase (User Guide Backup Instructions here).

Steps to Upgrade

Step 1. Upgrade OnlyKey desktop app - Follow instructions here to install the new OnlyKey app.
Step 2. Upgrade OnlyKey firmware - Follow instructions here to upgrade firmware on the OnlyKey

Steps to Upgrade OnlyKey firmware

Download Firmware

There is a tab named Firmware in the app. This may be used to load the latest firmware onto OnlyKey directly through the OnlyKey app.

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