Follow this guide to upgrade firmware from Beta6 to Beta7


This guide is for upgrading legacy OnlyKey devices with firmware version v0.2-beta.6 or earlier only (OnlyKeys purchased prior to Nov 2018). For the current upgrade guide follow the **Firmware upgrade guide **.

Steps to Upgrade

Step 1. Backup OnlyKey - Create a backup of your OnlyKey by going to the Backup/Restore tab in the OnlyKey app. Ensure you have a copy of your backup key (User Guide Backup Instructions here).
Step 2. Upgrade OnlyKey firmware - Follow instructions here to upgrade firmware on the OnlyKey
Step 3. Upgrade OnlyKey desktop app - Follow instructions here to install the new OnlyKey app.
Step 4. Setup OnlyKey - Follow instructions here to setup OnlyKey and restore from backup
Step 4. Check out the new features here

Steps to Upgrade OnlyKey firmware

Before Getting Started

Step 1. Insert OnlyKey into USB port
Step 2. Download and install Teensy Loader
Step 3. Determine which version of OnlyKey you have and download firmware below
OnlyKey Color (Has a square LED) OnlyKey Original (Has text "LED" visible)
Download OnlyKey Color Standard Edition firmware here Download OnlyKey Original Standard Edition firmware here
Download OnlyKey Color International Travel Edition firmware here Download OnlyKey Original International Travel Edition firmware here
Step 4. You can ensure the integrity of your downloaded firmware by verifying the checksum
File Name SHA 256 Checksums
OnlyKey_Beta7_STD_Color.cpp.hex fa2ccd6925fa9e3f72f1d7b40db0c7f33732fe0a8f55fb8a3f315ad9ac05ef87
OnlyKey_Beta7_STD_Original.cpp.hex 356e25e337dad8fe1798592d5c674ddd44fac1340e054df9d43176f7e59406b2
OnlyKey_Beta7_IN_TRVL_Color.cpp.hex cac81a1d5606c3939c45c5b0ebeab8f9d01c510e20a00123ad35314fc1006754
OnlyKey_Beta7_IN_TRVL_Original.cpp.hex 7467910663f72bf7604be776a381a72d881df5afcc5a0da697aaedbfa315a0f9
Step 5. In Teensy Loader select File -> Open HEX File. Then select the firmware you downloaded and click open.
Step 6. Now the firmware should appear at the bottom of the Teensy Loader application.
Step 7. In order to enable the OnlyKey to upload the new firmware a jumper (Paperclip, aluminum foil etc) must make contact between the two small copper color circles shown while the OnlyKey is plugged into the USB port.
Step 8. With the Teensy Loader in the foreground, you should now see the Teensy Loader progress bar and then a reboot complete appear in the Teensy Loader which indicates that the firmware has loaded successfully.

Under The Hood - What actually happens when you load the firmware is that a mass erase is completed first. What this means is that all data is completely wiped, and then the new firmware is loaded.

Install OnlyKey Desktop App

Follow instructions here - OnlyKey App Install

In App Firmware Updates

You may notice now that there is an option in the app to load firmware when setting up a device. There is also a tab named Firmware in the app. This may be used to load the latest firmware onto OnlyKey directly through the app, no backup/restore or wiping is required. Firmware updates are securely signed using a simple blockchain and verified by on the OnlyKey.

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